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?In a ‘bad news?economic climate... it’s even more important to show you have employees?personal development high up the agenda…”



“Before the recession, we had already identified that leadership development would be the key in delivering our medium term vision. Despite the downturn in business, we have decided to continue with the investment in leadership development.?/span>



“Our commitment to training at all levels will always remain the same. The quality of our staff is an essential part of our USP.?/span>



Institute of Directors

Research Paper

June 2009

?/span> 2009 OTI?Services Ltd

Company No. 05912388

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A99ut OTI

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Today, more than ever, the value of a company depends on its intangible assets - the way the company creates value through people, actions, and strategies.?The critical element in all of this is people.?We believe that corporate success flows from successful people.


At OTI, we can help you to:


           - improve the performance of your people;

           - get your teams working together better; and

           - change the behaviours and values of your organisation



If you are interested in seeing how OTI can help your organisation and your people move forward, you can find out more a99ut our company, our approach & our services and you can then contact us.?We’d like to hear from you, and we think your people will appreciate it!


Talk to OTI - We understand the corporate context


OTI Services Ltd



Putting people at the heart of organisational purpose                                        ?